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Chapter 0 Prologue

Best choices to unlock all the events in Project Myriam Walkthrough – Chapter 0
  • Resist the pulsion
  • Yes, I really need to relax and clear my mind
  • Let him look at you shower > What does she do? > Lock eyes with him
  • Give in and quickly > Does she give in > Does she give in > Give in
  • Motel: Your choices
  • F*** it, no reason I can’t have > Your choice
  • Yes, Anthony is a man, but Marc shouldn’t do that
  • My birthday-suit will do just fine

Project Myriam Walkthrough – Chapter 1

Best choices to unlock all the events in Project Myriam Walkthrough – Chapter 1
  • Excited
  • Is he looking at my….?
  • Yes, I should wake him up now > Why not, it won’t take long
  • My god he’s so muscular
  • I should tell her, it’ll do me good to talk about it
  • She’s right, it’s embarrassing but this dress his gorgeous
  • She’s right. She’s outrageous, but definitely…
  • It’s just for Eve, nobody else will see
  • I’m n…, but it’s just a kid, he can’t have done anything that bad > I have to think of something and quick! (Improvise) > Oh my god! They’re totally flirting with me! (Flattered)
  • Yes > Yes > Your choice (but do it)
  • Yes, definitely. (You want to have Myriam live weird adventures, directly out of the disturbed mind of the Author.
  • Yes, I’m going
  • Yes. (Thinking of the three of them.)
  • No, it’s fine, there’s nobody here
  • Damn! Why the hell not
  • She try to ignore it. (Embarrassed)
  • No, I had enough.
  • Who does she think she is!
  • Let’s listen and see if it’s important
  • He’s right!
  • Damn you Anthony! You deserve it for what you done to me
  • I want his
  • Maybe I should go see
  • I can’t let people hurt that nice man > I should go get him some warm clothes
  • I need it > I need his… > Yes, I want to
  • Say it also and kiss him on the lips
  • My god! Is that true?

Project Myriam Walkthrough – Chapter 2

Best choices to unlock all the events in Project Myriam Walkthrough – Chapter 2
  • F*ck it! I really need to go
  • Why is she embarrassed? Maybe she has somewhere else to be. (Notice)
  • She’s an impressive woman and…
  • Yes please, I’m a furry nice person > Take him > Ok, maybe
  • Let’s take the bus, it will be easier in town later on. > No. I can’t move… > Emb & tou > Yes, I really need to talk to someone
  • Stay outside and wait > Sneak in discretely > Maybe just a little peek > It look so…
  • It’s my fault, I can’t leave him like this > want it so much!
  • Police Station: Yes
  • Aliens: Yes please
  • Yes, I have to tell him everything, or I won’t go better
  • Thankful
  • Ignore
  • Yes, I should take some for the kids, and…
  • Yes, or I won’t stop thinking about it
  • Secretly…
  • Excited > Yes, let’s tease him a bit
  • Your choice
  • What a cute scout outfit
  • Better do nothing and play the sleeping card > It’ll be worse if I stop him
  • I feel so guilty now > …..and clean up
  • God! This is so wrong, but > Oh god! I have to stop him, BUT…
  • God! Some people are really fearless
  • Oh! And why the hell not!? > They’re just curious kids
  • Maybe I could help him a bit > God! I want
  • Stay and apologize
  • The voices seems familiar > Amused
  • No, I’m fine
  • Well, they’re professionals
  • don’t want to spoil the shots
  • Yes! I want to!
  • “Let it go!
  • Happy
  • Excited
  • I can’t just leave it here!
  • Try to stop him!
  • Mortified but strangely ex… > The public play and the risk
  • A little embarrassed and proud
  • Curious
  • This feels so good
  • Oh! He’s giving me his arm
  • Wait! But what about the young man!?
  • God! She’s so..
  • ….Nubia’s touch
  • God! It would be my fourth
  • Maybe I could send him something to eat while he wait
  • I should look for Guy, he wanted to give me a tour
  • Gosh! I’m feeling so…
  • God! My heart is beating so fast, I think I… > God! I need this > Wait! No! We need to use > God! I want so much > Stop! Don’t get
  • …. (nope)
  • Happy
  • Damn it! I feel just fine
  • When in Rome…!
  • Oh! And why not! > Well, it was weird but not so bad
  • Mmmh!
  • Mmmh! > Oh god! I want
  • What does Myriam remember? Oh my god! What did I do!?
  • Church: Ex &d curious > I can’t let him go to church like this > Yes! I should go in and confess my sins > Oh my god! I’m possessed
  • She’s so gorgeous
  • God! What can I do to convince him to stay? > I could let him
  • Why not, I always liked old folks
  • It’ll be a tough job, but it can be rewarding
  • Wow! That’s really tough, but I like a challenge
  • Let’s send a text and see what happens > No, let’s just write bluntly and be done with it
  • God! She’s really H
  • Kiss back
  • No…
  • Dirty and determined.
  • He’s just being nice
  • Do it for Anthony > For Anthony, you can do it > Why am I feeling… > Why does he suddenly get so polite about it!?
  • I want to explore more of it! > I feel ashamed, but
  • I can’t take it anymore > have to help her and make Anthony pay
  • She’s so sweet and innocent, you want to take a bite out of her

Project Myriam Walkthrough – Chapter 3

Best choices to unlock all the events in Project Myriam Walkthrough – Chapter 3
  • Your choice (to share)
  • Dammit! I deserve to do what I want with my body > Dammit! And why not > Gosh! And why not > I… > Wait! I want > Face > Ok… I mean I can’t know without trying
  • Wow! That big mamba looks really incredible
  • Oh! And why the hell not
  • Yeah! Why not, it looks fun and crazy
  • God! He’s so excited! He won’t take no for an answer
  • This is kind of my own fault
  • Maybe I can use another shower
  • The boys’ are nearer, maybe I should go there quickly > Wait! > Maybe I could cheer him up a bit > Yes, that kid definitely deserve some more > “Oh! And why not! I want it
  • Ok! But please stop, your friends are just there
  • No, it’s ok, it would be my pleasure
  • I should stop him, the poor kid doesn’t deserve this
  • No, she must just be joking around
  • Number 3 > …I need to take the edge off > Excited > Oh! And why not
  • Yes, two glasses
  • React quick and hide inside > Maybe I could help him > Let him decide > God! Yes! I’m still
  • Could I really go…? > No, it’s risky but > Nope
  • Is he checking me out > God! If he keep looking at me like that > It’s a sweet…
  • Choose
    • Mike > He’s quite charming
    • Danny > He’s quite manly
  • No, sorry, I already had too much to drink
  • Is he not being a little co… >  Let’s make no jealous > God! This is crazy, but…
  • No, better not, I should calm down for tonight
  • No, we’re just having fun
  • What can they be talking about >  No, stop! It’s just the alcohol talking
  • Thank you, but I’ve got enough > No more drinking > Letting things get… > God! This is crazy!
  • God! This is crazy, but I’m feeling so excited also > God! He’s going to kill me with that thing > God! I’m going
  • Why not? It wasn’t his fault > I should let it go > F*** it! I’m feeling
  • I should go have a look, he could be trapped
  • This will clearly make some heads turn
  • No, it’s too important..
  • Even if it’s a small chance I have to take it…
  • Something bold
  • Let’s go “au naturel
  • Yeah! I’m fine with it.
  • Why not, it sounds like fun
  • Maybe I could invite her for a coffee
  • Make scrambled eggs
  • Kick his balls > Again > Third time’s the charm
  • No, I should stick to the plan > Maybe I should help before somebody else get hurt > I have to follow him > I have to do it > Excited > Leave it near the door
  • Zzzzzz!
  • I’m curious how it tastes
  • Let’s find a little discreet spot and take care of him > I can’t let him push
  • God! Yes, please > And why…. > And why…
  • It’s just a misunderstanding > Why not > I loved it > Maybe I could lift his spirit a bit > should go look for him…
  • Begrudgingly say yes to help him > Yeah, maybe I could change into a swimsuit > Well, it’s definitely s*xy > Nope! > Nope!
  • It’s too late now
  • Why not, it can just dry off with the sun
  • Why not, that’s nice of him to offer
  • God! F*** it! I want
  • It’s worth a shot
  • God! I just want to kiss her
  • Amused by the girl
  • Surprised and fascinated
  • This is so crazy, but I’m curious > God! It’s crazy, but I’m so curious about her life
  • Look at him all flustered like a teenager
  • Thankful and curious
  • Quickly open > I feel so guilty, this is my fault
  • Stop him guilty
  • Come on Myriam! It’s crazy > Oh! And why not
  • Excited by the feeling
  • He’s really holding
  • Say nothing > Ashamed > Decides to do it… > To be honest, it even kind….
  • The night with him was pretty fun > And why not > And why not
  • No excuses now
  • …!? > But…!? > “I-I’m sorry…
  • Well, I do love a man taking charge > What are they talking about? > Maybe I could show him some encouragement
  • She follows the two > She drinks as they come > Oh! Yeah! It’s been so long > Let’s just have fun
  • And why not after all!?
  • Yes and she makes him go first
  • can’t complain after showing it off in front
  • Follow along x2 > God! And why not
  • Come on Myriam, the night is still young
  • It’s ok, I’ll be fine > Just ignore him and don’t make a scene
  • Yeah, I think I should
  • Dear god! Poor man > The poor man… Maybe I could help > mouth
  • Why not, Doctor Silver told me it was good for sleep
  • God! It’s embarrassing but kind
  • God! I’m not proud of it
  • I better not piss him off
  • Does he want me to show him
  • No, I think I better keep things discreet
  • God! I guess I can show
  • He’s in such need of affection > God! That smell
  • Yeah, I think I should

Project Myriam Walkthrough – Chapter 4

Best choices to unlock all the events in Project Myriam Walkthrough – Chapter 4
  • I have to try > …knees > hard
  • Was that a woman’s
  • Do it without thinking
  • May-maybe it’ll be alright
  • Doing it for Evelyn
  • Did it just for Evelyn
  • Made a point
  • Excited by the shame
  • Why not
  • Share the love
  • Yeah! I still want
  • Aaah! Wait! > Your choice
  • No, not yet
  • Maybe I could try it/again > Maybe I can oblige > oblige them again
  • I didn’t think about it but > If it’s just looking
  • Ye-yes, I still want > Ca-can I just keep
  • That, he definitely will > Peek at Nubia > I-I don’t know > Yes, I would like that
  • Go left to see Marc or Katherine
  • Marc: Yes, he needs some cheering up > He probably want
  • Katherine: I-I’ve got to make sure everything is ok
  • Start by someone specific: All
  • Happy
  • Oh! And why not
  • And he must have missed his
  • Oh! And why not…
  • Maybe just one more minute > Dare!
  • If it helps her…
  • Maybe I should postponed
  • Yeah! I’ll just ask Flint
  • Yeah! I would love it…
  • Why not!
  • can still ask at least
  • Well, they can enjoy the show
  • I can’t let them get thrown out > Oh! And why not
  • Well, that feels pretty nice
  • God! Now I can’t stop > Wait! I think
  • It’s my own damn fault, may-maybe I could
  • I can’t let them get caught
  • It’s now or never
  • I could at least let them > God! He’s going
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