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Taffy Tales Season 5 Chantelle Guide

Chantelle Guide for Season 5 of Taffy Tales

Visit the school and head straight to your classroom. Priscilla and Stacy are arguing in the background while you wonder why Chantelle keeps missing classes. Visit Chantelle in the morning. She will hang out in the backyard completely topless. As you exchange lewd messages, Doya will interrupt your conversation and argue with her daughter.

Chantelle’s Home

Chantelle storms off, ignoring her mother’s words. Doya will interrogate you as to why you’re spying on Chantelle. Both of you talk about Darnell and all the trouble he gets himself in. 

Doya then invites you to their home. Go inside the house and talk to Doya. After a few exchanges, she will yell to her daughter to come down and meet you. Chantelle tells her mom that you help her with homework from time to time. Chantelle will get you a cup of water. Talk to Chantelle about what had happened earlier. She invites you to watch TV inside her room.

First Sexy Interaction with Chantelle in Taffy Tales

Once you are inside her room, Chantelle opens up about her mom’s past and about problems with her brother Darnell. Chantelle then asks to see your goods. You drop your jeans and Chantelle ogles your piece. She could not help herself and you get a piece of her as well. Just as you are about to do the deed, Darnell shouts from inside the house, alerting you that he’s home. Chantelle panickingly asks you to exit to the window of her room. Doya, Darnell, and Chantelle argue inside the house while you escape outside from a distance.

Starting a Relationship with Chantelle in Taffy Tales

Back in School, talk to Ms. Doya about your status as a prospective boyfriend for Chantelle. Go to the Track Field and meet up with Chantelle and Darnell. You hear them arguing about the party incident with Darnell. After their argument, both of them go their separate ways.

Second Sexy Interaction with Chantelle in Taffy Tales

Head over to the Smoking Area and you will see Chantelle crying. You try your best to console her from all the chaos surrounding her. You get intimate with her once again. After Chantelle gets her happy ending, you part ways. Go back home and go to your bed to lie down for a while. After a few moments, Chantelle will text you with some juicy pics. You can now go to sleep.

Is Tiffany jealous of Chantelle?

The next morning, Tiffany will be waiting for you in the living room. She’ll ask if you’re doing anything later on. Tiffany is interested in spending some time with you and maybe hanging out in the mall. You tell her about Chantelle and she becomes worried for you because of Darnell’s reputation. You assure her that everything is going to be fine. In the Afternoon, Chantelle will be waiting outside the school. Talk to her.

In the Evening, Darnell will be talking to Maria outside Priscilla’s house. They don’t specify the details of their conversation but you seem to be suspicious nonetheless.

The next morning, you wake up and Mary tells you that Tiffany is not going to school. You go outside and find her in the park with Chantelle going for a run. They talk for a bit and Chantelle starts to get angry and leaves. You talk to Tiffany but she assures you everything is fine and that she’ll go back to Mary later on.

In the Afternoon, meet Doya and Chantelle at the Mall. The mother and daughter are trying to spend quality time together. 

Her mom teases both of you for not going out as an official couple yet which makes Chantelle flustered and embarrassed. You say your goodbyes and wait for the evening to go back to your room. Once evening comes, head to your room and You will immediately call Chantelle. You talk over the phone and ask her to go out and have a bite to eat at the diner. She says yes. Head to Violet’s Diner in your Map.

Diner Time with Chantelle

Chantelle is already in the diner waiting for you. You get yourselves a booth and talk about each other. She tells you about the upcoming sports competition she’s looking forward to. You ask her if she’s interested in modeling because of her sexy, fit body. You suggest a photo shoot between the two of you before she decides. She tells you to meet her at the gym tomorrow as you end your night.

The First Photoshoot

You will also meet Doya outside the mall and she will tell you how Chantelle is gushing over you. Doya confesses that her daughter is really fond of you and thinks that you’re cute.

Before going to the gym to meet Chantelle, get yourself a camera for the photoshoot. For $50 you can buy a professional Camera from Natalie in the Store.

Once you’re in the Gym in the Mall, talk to Chantelle to start the photoshoot. After an hour of intense workout, you finally start your photoshoot while Chantelle is covered in sweat from her exercise. She starts to pose for the pictures as you eagerly give commands to her. You tell her about your plan to publish your photos to everyone and she agrees. You continue your photoshoot and things get a bit hotter as she leads you to the changing room. Your session is cut short when Darnell rings up Chantelle to go home.

In your Laptop, choose the option to clean up and send over the pictures to Chantelle. You fix the pictures while following Chantelle’s request for a naughty video from you. She gives you a surprising image as a reward for all the hard work you’ve done so far.

Chantelle’s First Posters in School

The next day, wait for nighttime and go to school to hang the posters in the hallway. There will be a mini-game where you must click on the shining stars to complete the poster hanging. After a quick brush with authorities, you escape school grounds and head back to your room to sleep. Go back to school the next morning and you will witness students clamoring in the hallways.

They love the pictures and are praising Chantelle. A bit of scuffle ensues when Darnell finds out about it but his efforts were fruitless as Principal Walter himself applauded Chantelle’s modeling skills. Go inside the classroom after spotting Tiffany looking at the posters herself. Chantelle will text you asking you to hang out later. After class, head outside the hallway to find Becca and Priscilla being envious of Chantelle’s poster. You can also talk to Doya about her daughter’s poster.

Go home and play some video games in your room and Chantelle will send you some articles about her from the local news. Your conversation is cut off when Tiffany wants to talk to you. She asks you about the posters and if you can do that to her as well. You declined stating that she is not yet ready for that. Tiffany gets made and leaves your room.

Tiffany fights Chantelle at the Gym

You go back to school and find Chantelle’s popularity has skyrocketed. Chantelle wants to hang out after her gym session so you meet her there after school. As you hang out in the Gym, suddenly Tiffany also joins your conversation. The two begin to argue once again and keep outdoing each other in front of you. You suggest that they wrestle to keep things more interesting and put them in sexually awkward positions. Both girls walk away in anger after the bout ends as you head home by yourself to sleep it off.

Fight Aftermath/ Second Photo Shoot for Chantelle in Taffy Tales

You wake up from a message by Chantelle. She wants to talk to you about the recent fight she had with Tiffany. You asked her out again to the gym this afternoon. Head towards the gym for your special private photoshoot with Chantelle. Command her to pose in provocative positions as you do your photoshoot. During nighttime, go home and fix the pictures on your laptop after your gym session.

You talk to Chantelle about putting up the sexier new pictures in the school again and you make a bet with her. Go to school at night and hang the posters again with the use of the mini-game. The next day, you go to school in the morning to see Chantelle’s reaction to the posters.

New Posters for Taffy Tales’ Chantelle

The crowd gathered again in the hallway and was receptive to the new lewder artworks. Darnell and Principal Walters argue again about the sexy images and are only stopped when everyone directs their attention to him. Chantelle couldn’t handle all the attention and decided to flee the school hallway.

Chantelle’s Last Sexy Photo Shoot

During night time you must text Chantelle before going to sleep. You ask her if people are still pestering her about the photo but she replies that they were more interested in the photographer she hired. She agrees that you won the bet you made with her and will be meeting with you at the gym tomorrow and she’ll give you something special. You can now go to sleep.

When you wake up, head over to the gym inside the mall to meet with Chantelle. You are getting ready for the last photoshoot with her. When you meet with her though, there is a sense of awkwardness lingering in the air. Chantelle does her poses for you and soon you find yourself entangled with her body. You finish your photoshoot after Chantelle gets her photogenic climax. The next day, You meet Chantelle in the school hallway during the afternoon. You see her talking to Stacy about her posters.

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