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Bratz: Flaunt Your Fashion Stilesville Walkthrough

Meet The Bratz

This will be the first quest of the game. After moving to the highlighted spot and picking up the phone, you have to meet all the members of the Bratz pack. You meet Yasmin first and you have to help her find her jacket. The jacket is close by on a rack in the main room. Take a picture and hit the wardrobe with Yasmin to try on the new jacket.

Next go and talk to Sasha. She’s lost her makeup kit and now you have to help her find it. The makeup kit can be found on the table next to the couch in the main room. Try a little bit of a makeover with the help of Sasha and you’re good to go for now.

The quest will be completed once you hit the mall after you select one of the Bratz. You will get a casual jacket as a reward.

Summer Collection

Time for the second quest of our Bratz: Flaunt Your Fashion Stilesville segment. You have to approach the Bratz pack and get a pep-talk from them as you prepare for the interview. Then, look for Marco Baretti and you can find him in front of the store named Strut It. After talking to him, you’ll find out that Marco has lost his little puppy. You will find the cute little creature right next to the beauty salon. Once you return it, you can start the interview with Marco Baretti. Finish up the interview with a photo shoot. Go back to the apartment and publish the story on your computer.

Talent Show Manager

Go back to the mall again and approach the talent show manager. She lets you know that you need 10,000 subscribers to get front-row seats at the talent show.

The Secret Ingredient

Approach Eitan, the smoothie maestro standing in front of the smoothie bar. After talking to him, you’ll find out that he needs some ingredients. The first ingredient you will need is oranges from Stilesville Park. You’ll find oranges in three different spots all over the park. Return to Eitan and he will let you know that you need to fetch the secret ingredient from the airport. Approach the courier standing in front of the desks. She will give you a hint on what the secret ingredient is. Go back to Eitan and give him the ingredients for the smoothie. Publish the story after going back to the apartment. The quest is now complete.

Grand Opening

Head to the beauty salon, talk to Raya, and help her with the grand opening of the beauty salon. Take photos of the inside and outside of the shop. Then head to the tech store to print some flyers. Then deliver the flyers to 5 people on the street. Once you’re done, go back to the salon and talk to Raya. Take a picture and you’re done with the quest.

Wildlife Aficianado

In this quest, you will have to assist Mike in taking some pictures of squirrels in the park. The three squirrels are spread all over the park, so go ahead and click their pictures. Once you’re done, head back to Mike. Click a picture and you will be done with the quest. You will be rewarded with a pair of sports sneakers upon successful completion of the quest.

Yoga in the Park

Fianna is running some yoga sessions in the park and you have to help her. Play the yoga mini-game where you have to balance your character. You will get a casual skirt and a casual beret as rewards. Report to Fianna and click a picture. Go back to the apartment and upload the picture. We are done with the mission.

Before We Take Off

You will come across Meygan at the airport. She has lost her ticket to a concert and she lets you know that she might have left it at the smoothie bar in the mall.

Go back to the park. Once you ask Eitan about the ticket, he will let you know that the last person to sit with Meygan at the bar might know where the ticket is. He was wearing a red hat and a purple shirt and you’ll find him at the bar. He will then lead you to another guy who’s wearing a white shirt and blue jeans. You will find him in front of a closed shop at the park. After talking to him, you hear that he gave the ticket away to a girl with red hair and a pink jacket. You will find the girl standing in front of the benches around the middle of the park. Go back to the airport and return the ticket to her. Proceed to take a snap with Meygan and the quest is finished.

Hanging Out for the Theater

Go to the theater after heading to the theater show entrance. Approach the talent show manager and she will let you know that they’re running out of time preparing for the upcoming play. First things first, you have to take pictures of the contestants. The contestants are in a room which you can enter following a door to the right of the stage. Once you’re done taking pictures, leave the theater and hang some posters at the entrance of the theater. Go back to the manager and your quest will be completed.

Felicia at the Theater

Approach Felicia inside the theater. She will ask you to do a photoshoot with her in streetwear clothes and blue makeup. Put on blue upper and lower eyeshadows after going back to the apartment. Next head to the wardrobe and put on some streetwear items. Head back to the theatre and get snapping with Felicia. You have now completed this super easy quest.

Missy is Sad

When you go back to the apartment, you will find Dylan and Eitan with a cat. You will have to talk with the Bratz pack and figure out how to deal with Missy the cat. Each of the girls will tell you something different regarding what might be wrong with Missy. After finishing talking with them, go back to Dylan and interview him. Turns out that Missy is just missing her feline friend. Once the gang figures that out, the quest is complete.

The Show Must Go On

The talent show manager lets you know of another disaster. The talent show is going to be canceled as the dance crew won’t be able to make it. Jade suggests that the Bratz girls replace the missing dance crew and put on their own show. Head to the backstage and find Fianna there. When you’re ready, go play the dancing mini-game by following the rhythm. Once the dance is done, speak with the talent show manager. Turns out the girls have won the talent show and as a reward they get tickets to the Xtreme Games in Barcelona. Go back to the apartment and publish the story and your final quest of the Bratz: Flaunt Your Fashion Stilesville walkthrough is over.

That’s it for our Stilesville walkthrough of Bratz: Flaunt Your Fashion.

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