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The Cauldron Kids: The Summoning of Mr. Vermicelli Complete Walkthrough Guide

The Cauldron Kid’s Quest

When the game begins, you take control of a toy frog named Mr. Vermicelli. Enter the room above and you will get to choose which character to play. Layla the genius mastermind or her twin sister Cassie the chaotic and clumsy girl. For this playthrough, you will be using Layla.

After selecting Layla, she will then wear a red witch’s hat. You can now control Layla, and talk to your sister Cassie standing across from you. Choose ‘Remind Cassie of the Plan’ to get a backstory of the events.

You explain to Cassie your plan to bring your toy frog Mr. Vermicelli to life. Your first order of business is to steal a wand for the summoning. Go through the doorway and you will find yourself in a long hallway where Baba the pig is pigging around. Talk to Baba then after your conversation, go to the pathway to your left.

Exploring the House

Once you enter the pathway, you will be introduced to a very high set of stairs leading upward. Baba the pig will fall from the top of the stairs and talk to you once he gets to the bottom. He will tell you that he is tasked with guarding the staircase leading up to your mom’s room. Apply a normal threat and Baba will tell you that he wants an apple.

Go to the other room on the right side of the hallway where you came from. You have now entered the kitchen. Go to the long hallway upward and the barrel will be there. You have to run and beat your sister in a race. Once you beat her to the finish line, go to the apple barrel and pick up the Big Apple. There will be another race that will go around like a track and end in the kitchen.

Foot race in The Cauldron Kids

When the race is completed, give Baba the Big Apple. You can now access your Mom’s room. Go back to the other end of the hallway and climb the stairs using a super jump. At the end of the staircase, there will be a huge portal. Layla will have to go back down and climb the stairs again but it will now be riddled with black portals. After reaching the top, you can now enter your Mom’s room.

Inside your Mom’s room, go to the wand floating above a magic circle platform and talk to it. After talking to it, the Magic Wand will decide to help you resurrect Mr.Vermicelli. But first, Layla must answer the Magic Wand’s riddles.

Riddle Answers for The Cauldron Kids

  • What is Baba’s real name? His name is Abaddon.
  • The less of me there is, the more valuable I become. I am? The answer is Cheese for some reason.
  • I am part of nothing. I am part of everything. What am I? The answer is the word Thing.
  • What’s in the Secret Room? The answer is A Beautiful Song.
  • Why can’t anyone in this house tell the difference between an apple and a pear? Answer the Magic Wand with ‘Of course we can tell the difference, what do you mean?’

Getting the Magic Wand

The Magic wand will then tell you that he was spying on you as ordered by your Mom. Go around the room and in a few moments the room will rumble. Mom is coming up the staircase. Baba will also try to escape so follow him to the secret door located on the left side of the room.

Layla and Cassie find themselves in an infinite violet void floating in space. Swim down the screen and into another part of the void. Head left to move to another part of the dimension. Avoid the obstacles and move upward to the next level. Avoid the arrowed boxes and move to the right. Once you’re in the next level, go around the obstacles and use the arrowed box to smash your way through the food boxes.

The Secret Room

You have now found the exit door where a floating cauldron is waiting for you in front of the door. Enter the room and you will find yourself in the kitchen once again. Open the drawer in the top left of the kitchen and a bunch of pepper shakers will run across the room. Click on all of them to complete the level.

After completing the quest, another obstacle race is waiting for you as you exit the kitchen. Once you’re back in the hallway you will notice that you both have lost Mr. Vermicelli. You must now go back towards your Mom’s room and enter the right side hall just after the long staircase.

Abab the Space Pirate

The perpetrator of the kidnapping is revealed. It was Abab the Space Pirate. You must swing and hit Abab with only the Green Pears to weaken him while avoiding the apples. After defeating Abab with enough pears, he will release Mr. Vermicelli.

The cutscene will now start. Cassie and Layla will now try and resurrect Mr. Vermicelli. The toy frog will now become alive and you will be able to control him. Talk to everyone in the room including the Magic Wand. Go outside and talk to Baba as well. Head towards Mom’s Room up the stairs where the twins will be waiting for you.

Vermicelli is Alive

After talking to everyone, go to the secret room and float to the right door. You now find yourself in the kitchen with the twins and Baba. You can now head back to the Layla and Cassie’s room.

Talk to the Magic Wand and tell him you have finished your journey. A small tea party will now begin with the twins, Baba, and the Magic Wand in attendance. A spaceship will then crash and kidnap Mr. Vermicelli once again signaling the end of the game and the beginning of another future episode for the Cauldron Kids.

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