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"Sally Face Episode 3 Walkthrough: The Bologna Incident - A Step-by-Step Guide to Unraveling the Nightmare"

I'll provide you with a walkthrough for Episode 3 of the game "Sally Face." Please note that this game is a complex

I’ll provide you with a walkthrough for Episode 3 of the game “Sally Face.” Please note that this game is a complex point-and-click adventure, so the steps can be quite detailed.

Episode 3: The Bologna Incident

Part 1: The Nightmare Realm

  • In this episode, you start as Dr. Enon. After your meeting with Sal, head left, then go left again towards the tree. Enter the treehouse.
  • Look around the treehouse, but you won’t find anything significant.
  • Suddenly, Larry’s ghost appears and asks for your help in freeing Sal from prison. As you exit the treehouse, you fall and die.

Part 2: The White Room

  • Now, you’ll be playing as Sal in a blank white space. You’ll hear a voice speaking backward. It tells you to find him in the White Room.
  • The voice is distorted, and you can’t understand it fully. The voice commands you to run until you reach a doorway.

Part 3: Death Row

  • As Sal, you find yourself on death row, and journalist Clare Nettles is interviewing you. You decide to tell your story before your trial.
  • You’ll be a stick figure on a notebook page. When you see Mr. Dark-Triangle-Head, turn right, and try to talk to him, but he won’t respond.
  • Continue turning right until you reach Mr. Light-Triangle-Head. Talk to him, and he’ll mention the Wise Prophet.
  • Descend the ladder.

Part 4: The Wise Prophet’s Chamber

  • In the chamber, you’ll encounter the Wise Prophet. Listen to what he says.
  • You’ll receive a mission to retrieve an item from the Nightmare Realm.

Part 5: Back to the Nightmare Realm

  • Head back to the Nightmare Realm.
  • Explore the strange and eerie environment, interacting with various objects and characters.

Part 6: Obtaining the Item

  • You’ll need to solve puzzles and complete tasks to obtain the item required by the Wise Prophet. This part can be quite challenging, and you’ll need to pay attention to details and explore thoroughly.
  • Keep interacting with the environment and characters, and don’t forget to collect items that might be useful.

Part 7: Returning to the Wise Prophet

  • Once you have the item, return to the Wise Prophet’s chamber.

Part 8: Conclusion

  • The episode will conclude with a significant development in the storyline and potentially new clues about the overarching mystery.

Please note that “Sally Face” is known for its intricate puzzles and storytelling. If you get stuck at any point, try experimenting with different interactions and items to progress. This walkthrough should help you navigate the third episode, but part of the fun is discovering the story on your own. Good luck!

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