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Echoes of Lust/ Lust Theory Season 1 all hidden events

Hidden Event 1 “Spying on Zoe”:
After telling the teacher “Don’t assume my gender!”, you’ll enter the girl’s lockeroom. Don’t click on the offered “Go in” choice.
Wait a while (15-20 seconds) and a new “hidden” choice will appear.

Alternative Option: Click on the top leaf on the plant (Behind the TV) in the “Living Room”. (Morning)

Hidden Event 2 “Zoe masturbating”:
After touching Zoe’s boobs and exiting the girl’s locker room, click on the locker room again. The text, “Zoe’s taking a shower, I shouldn’t go in.”, will appear.
Wait 10 seconds and a new option will appear, “Go in anyway”.

Alternative Option: Click on the 2nd from top pink circle on the wall in the “Kitchen”. (Afternoon)

Hidden event 3 “Spying on Megan”:
When you reach a part in Megan’s story (In the “Hints”) that says:
“Hmm… So Megan’s having naughty dreams about me. But, that doesn’t explain why she’s in such a rush each morning.
And, where does she go after school? Maybe I should figure that out first. I should go talk to her in the morning while she’s in her room.”
When you click on Megan’s door, there will be an option to “Go in”. If you wait 10 seconds, a new option “Spy on Megan” will appear.

Alternative Option: Click on the screwdriver hanging from the wall (Next to the hammer) in “Garage”. (Evening)

Hidden Event 4 “Zero Fucks Given Day 1” (LONG):

You must complete all the events from Episode 5. Then, go to “Bathroom 2nd Floor” and click on the flush button above the toilet.

Hidden Event 5 “Zero Fucks Given Day 2” (LONG):

After completing “Zero Fuck Given Day 1”, click on the toilet brush (Left of the toilet, on the floor) in “Bathroom 2nd Floor”.

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