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Tamayura Mirai Walkthrough & Endings Guide

Tamayura Mirai Walkthrough & Endings Guide

Completing the game and unlocking all the endings is very simple, you just have to do a Save Game, and from there make four different decisions. We show you all the steps and decisions below
  • Hold her to calm her down
  • Tactfully explain
  • I-I want to see you,too
  • Pat her head
  • Save 01
  • Compliment Yukina
  • Yukina Ending
  • Load Save 01
  • Stare at Midari
  • Midari Ending
  • Load Save 01
  • Cheer up Hanako
  • Hanako Ending
  • After finishing all other routes
  • Load Save 01
  • Walk with Shiro
  • Shiro Ending

About Tamayura Mirai

The air has an otherworldly odor in Fukano. On this magical land formerly resided both humans and other spirits, or what we called “youkai” animals. Fukano is still rife with weird legends today about supernatural beings and enigmatic energies. Yukina Kamikake has returned to this community with a companion. She encounters a young man in Fukano who describes himself as a sorcerer. That is me! I’m Mutsuki Yohane, and I’m descended from sorcerers who long ago immigrated to Fukano from afar. However, I’m not the only person of importance in the area. Midari Suishouseki is not a human being. She had contracted the worst disease a succubus can contract: a case of love. An older water spirit’s servant in the past was Hanako Nekotengu. She is now a local legend at the school, where she is well-versed in all the rumors! I can always count on Shiro Kohaku. She has no knowledge of magic or monsters, yet to me she is like an elder sister.
Understanding the mysterious mishaps that non-human species bring about and assisting them in coexisting peacefully with their human neighbors are the duties of a sorcerer. Yuki Kamikake, however, is more magical than I am and was endowed with the ability to perceive the spirit world at birth. Additionally, she is seeking for a lost object. I’ll remember the incident that got me involved in all of this when I’m dealing with her. It’s a narrative about humans, ghosts, and sorcerers; it’s both a short and a long summer. a fable.
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