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Navigating Data Privacy Concerns: A Closer Look at Period Tracker Apps”

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Period tracker apps have become increasingly popular among individuals who want to monitor their menstrual cycles, predict their periods, and track associated symptoms. These apps offer convenience and useful features, but recent data privacy concerns have prompted a closer examination of how these apps handle user data. In this article, we will review several period tracker apps, highlighting data privacy issues and suggesting alternatives that prioritize user privacy.

Data Privacy Concerns

  1. Clue
    • Data Collection: Clue is relatively transparent about its data collection practices. It collects personal information like age, weight, and cycle data, but it claims to anonymize this data before sharing it with third parties.
    • Data Sharing: Clue shares anonymized data with researchers, which may raise concerns for some users. However, they claim to be careful about protecting user identities.
    Verdict: Clue seems to handle data responsibly, but users should be aware of data sharing with researchers.
  2. Flo
    • Data Collection: Flo collects a wide range of data, including health symptoms, mood, and sexual activity. They claim to share aggregated data with third parties for research purposes.
    • Data Sharing: Users have reported concerns about receiving targeted ads based on their menstrual cycle data, suggesting potential data sharing for advertising.
    Verdict: Flo’s data collection and potential data sharing for advertising raise privacy concerns.
  3. Ovia Health
    • Data Collection: Ovia collects extensive health data, including menstrual cycle information and sexual activity. They use this data to provide insights and personalized health recommendations.
    • Data Sharing: The app shares data with employers as part of corporate wellness programs, which has raised privacy concerns.
    Verdict: Ovia Health’s data sharing with employers may be a significant privacy concern for some users.
  4. MyFlo
    • Data Collection: MyFlo collects various personal and health data to provide cycle tracking and health insights.
    • Data Sharing: The app claims not to share user data with third parties without consent.
    Verdict: MyFlo appears to prioritize user data privacy, but users should review the app’s privacy policy for complete details.
  5. Natural Cycles
    • Data Collection: Natural Cycles collects cycle data for fertility tracking and contraception purposes. They have faced controversies regarding unplanned pregnancies.
    • Data Sharing: The app’s privacy policy suggests that data is shared with third parties for research and analysis.
    Verdict: Natural Cycles’ controversial history and data sharing practices raise privacy concerns.

Alternatives for Privacy-Conscious Users

If data privacy is a top priority for you, consider these alternatives to period tracker apps:

  1. Clue: Despite some data sharing, Clue remains one of the more transparent and privacy-conscious options.
  2. MyFlo: MyFlo takes user privacy seriously and is a good choice for those looking to track their menstrual cycles while minimizing data exposure.
  3. Privacy-Focused Apps: Explore other apps that prioritize user privacy, even if they are not specifically designed for period tracking. Some general health tracking apps allow you to manually input cycle data without extensive data sharing.


Period tracker apps offer valuable insights into women’s health and reproductive cycles, but they vary in their data collection and sharing practices. Privacy-conscious users should carefully review privacy policies and consider alternatives that align with their data protection preferences. While some apps are more responsible with user data, others may raise red flags, making it crucial for users to make informed choices about their digital health tracking.

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