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Czech Club in Bangkok

Czech Club has gone through a rebranding during COVID and is presently back over and above anyone’s expectations.

With a pristine plan, hot newcomers, and a staggering setup of specialists, there will never be been a superior opportunity to go VIP clubbing in Ekamai.

This is what’s in store when you open the entryways of the Czech Club in Bangkok.

What You Need To Know
Before the pandemic, the old Czech Trendy Club was struggling with rivaling the new extravagance noble men’s clubs in the Thonglor/Ekamai region.

Particularly with enormous names like Emerald and Krystal, which have the most costly plan and conveniences you can get.

What’s more, can we just be real, the most smoking young ladies as well?

So the club exploited the downtime during COVID, to revamp the primary room and return more grounded, with better marking and an inconceivable group.

provocative Thai undergarments model at Czech Club Ekamaihot Asian model at Czech Club Bangkok
Presently named Czech Club, the courteous fellows’ club is much better in numerous ways.

Request that your driver drops you off directly before the pristine entry, or hand over the keys to your extravagance vehicle to the valet.

All things considered, when in Ekamai, the vehicle you drive is essentially as significant as the manner in which you dress.

The club is currently all around as spotless as the new enormous EDM clubs in Bangkok (Space plus, Topone, Babyclub), with metal standing tables close to the stage, a superb lighting framework, and gigantic LED boards to sublimate the specialists’ exhibitions.

club area of czech club ekamai in Bangkok
Remember that the club doesn’t have enormous VIP couches in the club region. So if you have any desire to sit serenely encompassed by hot birds, you better book a confidential room.

Czech Club has likewise essentially increased its diversion, with its own group of provocative female DJs, a setup of the best Thai vocalists and live groups consistently, and more cuties than any other time.

There aren’t many young ladies like at The PIMP, however, there are enough of them to make your visit to Czech beneficial.

hot pretties in front of an audience at Czech Club in Ekamai
The pretties there are adorable, tomfoolery, and kid, they love to drink.

Want to play a round of pool? There are several pool tables in the club region, as well.

Yet, if you truly need to play pool, get a VIP room and partake in the protection of your own space while playing with the party models you’ve cautiously handpicked.

Celebrity room at Czech gentlemen club in Bangkok
Czech Club has more than twelve confidential rooms, all furnished with a karaoke machine, a TV, where you can stream your most loved applications, a confidential server, and a pool table in the greatest rooms.

You can get all the above at the absolute least expensive costs you’ll track down in noble men’s clubs in Bangkok, or even in other VIP dance clubs in Sukhumvit.

Costs And Bookings
Czech Club is a really reasonable respectable man’s club, with enrollments beginning as low as 10,000 THB.

All approaching with a 10% rebate on woman’s beverages, and jugs.

For 10,000 THB, you get 3 containers of Johnnie Walker Black Label, and every one of the advantages of enrollment, for a long time (lower costs for young ladies, jugs, and VIP rooms).

The refined men’s club additionally offers different enrollments with costs going from 20,000 to 100,000 THB, all legitimate for 1 year, and including up to 40 containers!

In the event that you intend to go there each end of the week or welcome your business relates, the bigger bundles are all of great worth.

What’s more, the participation of 20,000 THB and over totally accompanied a free VIP space for your most memorable night at the club.

The cost for individual containers begins at 3,000 THB just for individuals.

The cost for the young ladies goes from 1,140 to 2,280 THB for the principal hour and 380 THB for 45 extra minutes (per young lady, part cost).

With respect to VIP rooms, they’re really modest in Czech and just expense somewhere in the range of 2,000 and 4,000 THB for the evening.

Need to book there?

Message us now and we’ll deal with it for you.

About Czech Club Bangkok
Participation value: Start from ฿10,000
Bottle value: Start from ฿3,000 (part)
Celebrity room: Start from ฿2,000
Young ladies: Start from ฿1,140 + ฿380 like clockwork (part)
Opening times: Every day from 8.00pm until 2.30am

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