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"Unlocking the Secrets of Chrono Trigger's Sealed Chests: A Comprehensive Guide"

Certainly! Here's an overview of the information provided in the Chrono Trigger Sealed Chests Guide:

Certainly! Here’s an overview of the information provided in the Chrono Trigger Sealed Chests Guide:

1. Overview of Sealed Chests

  • Sealed chests and doors are found in different timelines: 600 A.D., 1000 A.D., and 2300 A.D.
  • A charged pendant is essential for opening these chests and doors.
  • Some chests offer different items based on the timeline in which they are accessed.

2. Accessing Sealed Chests

  • Players will have a charged pendant from the “Break the Seal!” point onwards.
  • Players gain the ability to fly starting from “The Time Egg.”
  • Chests have different access requirements, some only require the pendant, while others need both the pendant and the ability to fly.

3. Rules for Sealed Chests

  • Chests in 600 A.D. and 1000 A.D. may offer items once or in an upgraded form.
  • The access strategy is to first check in 600 A.D., then in 1000 A.D., and back to 600 A.D.
  • Some chests only appear in one time period, so no upgrades are possible.

4. Elemental Armor Absorption

  • Some armor items in the game can absorb elemental damage, healing the character instead.
  • Vests absorb and heal 50% of potential damage.
  • Mails absorb 100% of elemental damage.
  • Ruby Vest only blocks 50% of fire damage without absorbing it.

5. Chests Accessible with a Charged Pendant

  • Non-upgradable chests include various items in different time periods, such as Speed Tabs, Magic Rings, Wall Rings, Dash Rings, Power Rings, and weapons like Swallow and Safe Helm.
  • Sealed doors in 2300 A.D. provide items like Charm Tops, Wallets, Gold Studs, Full Ethers, Magic Tabs, and more.
  • Some chests are upgradeable, including those in Elder’s House, Porre (600 A.D.), Truce Inn (600 A.D.), and Guardia Castle (600 A.D.).

6. Chests Accessible with the Epoch

  • These chests are located in the Northern ruins post Frog’s Sidequest.
  • Items and upgrades available in these chests include Nova Armor upgrades to Moon Armor, Siren upgrades to Valkyrie, and Kali Blade upgrades to Shiva Edge.

If you need more specific information about any of the items or locations mentioned in the guide, please feel free to ask, and I’ll provide additional details.

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