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BMW Group takes Inclusive Communications to a higher level by declaring Artificial Intelligence Challenge

BMW Group takes Inclusive Communications to a higher level by declaring Artificial Intelligence Challenge

BMW Group dispatches the “Cheerful Diversity with AI” Challenge. The BMW Group searches for use cases to take Inclusive Communications and the Working Environment to the powerful utilizing AI.

Munich. Last week was the send-off of the “Cheerful Diversity with AI” Challenge, zeroing in on the critical inquiry of how AI arrangements can help us as BMW Group to help variety, value, and consideration in our workplace and correspondence.

The test, which is being done in an organization with ekipa (an Open Innovation Incubator) urges members to think of novel thoughts for the most creative AI and information-driven arrangements that advance variety, orientation shift, consideration, and uniformity. We want to utilize the new potential with AI to place individuals in the focal point of our activities and take a gander at totally new ways and conceivable outcomes to additionally implant variety in the corporate culture.

Connection to the test here.

The cutoff time for entries is October third, 2022. After a first determination and ensuing elaboration stage, a jury will choose the two winning groups on December seventh, 2022.

Variety as a driver for development inside the BMW Group

Advancing variety, value, and consideration in the work environment isn’t just the correct thing to do yet is additionally a characteristic driver of development. Permitting everybody equivalent access and giving a functioning air that is free, equivalent, and conscious of contrasts – cultivating a cheerful and imaginative space for groundbreaking plans to thrive. It empowers better grasping, reflection, and more wise choices about the different prerequisites of partners from everywhere in the world.

The BMW Group is “Driven by Diversity” – presently it is the right time to expand on the most proficient method to drive variety considerably further with the assistance of AI. BMW Group as the worldwide player contacts tech abilities from one side of the planet to the other for imaginative thoughts, and new perspectives to find new use cases to cooperatively reinforce information and AI-driven approaches.

Additional opportunities arise through AI

To do so the conceivable outcomes of information and its deliberate investigation have never been more prominent. Methodically lessening predisposition in workplaces, correspondence, and worth creation utilizing continuous information and examination intended to test, measure, and decrease predisposition offer tremendous potential. We really want to oversee variety, value, and consideration in similar information-driven and shrewd ways we deal with the remainder of an association.

With the “Happy Diversity with AI” Challenge, we need to gather these thoughts on how we can speed up this change and work with a mentality shift at the BMW Group as well as in our general public.

How AI can uphold Diversity #AIforDiversity

To fabricate trust, balance, and advance variety we as BMW Group need to construct canny and performing arrangements along with imaginative groups from one side of the planet to the other. The critical inquiry of the “Happy Diversity with AI” Challenge is, subsequently: How to find new AI utilize cases and answers to assist with supporting variety, orientation shift, consideration, and fairness in workspaces and correspondence with the assistance of AI?

#AIforDiversity #InclusiveCommunication #ModernWorkEnvironment #DrivenbyDiversity

On the off chance that you have any inquiries, kindly contact:

BMW Group Press and PR

Janina Latza, Spokesperson for BMW Group IT, Emerging Technology, Innovation, and Cyber Security

Email: Janina.Latza@bmw.de

Phone: +49-151-601-12650

The BMW Group

With its four brands BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce, and BMW Motorrad, the BMW Group is the world’s driving premium producer of cars and cruisers and furthermore gives premium monetary and portability administrations. The BMW Group creation network contains north of 30 creation locales around the world; the organization has a worldwide deals network in excess of 140 nations.

In 2021, the BMW Group sold over 2.5 million traveler vehicles and in excess of 194,000 bikes around the world. The benefit before charge in the monetary year 2021 was € 16.1 billion on incomes adding up to € 111.2 billion. Starting around 31 December 2021, the BMW Group had a labor force of 118,909 representatives.

The progress of the BMW Group has forever been founded on long-haul thinking and dependable activity. The organization set out to arrive at the future at a beginning phase and reliably makes supportability and effective asset the executives key to its essential bearing, from the store network through creation to the furthest limit of the utilization period, all things considered.


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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bmwgroup

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ekipa GmbH

Ekipa was established in 2018. The organization will likely advance maintainable and future-confirmation developments with different development projects and drives, hence impacting the world in a positive way.

The colossal advancement programs incorporate Deutschland 4.0, which advances digitization in Germany, and Innovate2030, a program that was sent off along with the BMZ and which frameworks difficulties to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Also, there are explicit projects like HealthTech, AI and Data Science, or Future Cities, which are devoted to a significant contemporary issue. This large number of projects are extraordinary instances of the need and progress of Akiba’s advancement projects to work on the personal satisfaction of individuals universally and to safeguard the assorted life on our planet.

ekipa GmbH
Kaiserstr. 56
60329 Frankfurt am Main


Contact: David Diehl E-mail: david.diehl@ekipa.de Phone: +49 157 8552 7583

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