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“Unlock the Thrills: Shred Remastered MTB Cheat Codes for Gems, Resources, and More!”

The information you provided appears to be a list of cheat codes or promotional codes for the mobile game “Shred Remastered MTB” developed by ASBO Interactive. These codes can be used to r...

Chrono Trigger Armor Guide: Defenses, Prices, and Special Attributes

Certainly! Here is a complete guide to armors in Chrono Trigger, including prices, defenses, and special attributes for each piece: General Equipping Info: 1. Hide Tunic 2. Karate Gi 3. Bronze Mail 4....

Chrono Trigger Helmets Guide: Prices, Defense, and Unique Attributes

Here’s a detailed list of helmets in Chrono Trigger, including their prices, defense stats, and any unique attributes: